LPG Conversion Jeep Grand Cherokee Image

How much could you be saving by converting your Jeep 

Grand Cherokee 4.0 liter and V8's to run on LPG in 2009 ?

Arun Autogas, have been carrying out LPG conversions on Jeeps since 1998. An LPG conversion enables petrol vehicles to run on either LPG or Petrol controlled by the driver from inside the vehicle whilst realising cost savings of up to 35% over a diesel engine.

And a dramatic reduction in emissions, 120 lpg Jeep's create the same amount of nitrous oxide (nox) as ONE diesel Jeep CRD .

The 4.7 receives Exemption from the London congestion charge Zone. Frequent visitors can save £1650 pa.

AAG have successfully LPG converted most Jeep Grand Cherokee models including:


Call Arun Autogas now on 01903 715715 to find out how an LPG conversion to your Cherokee could benefit you.